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Haiti Support Ministry 


The Mission of Haitian Support Ministries is to worship and work together to raise successive generations of Christians who are morally just,
educationally competent and socially responsible.

Is God calling you to Haiti?

Haiti mission trips


Do you love children?           Fun Fair/ pillowcase dress trip (Fall & Spring)

                                                Mornings distribute pillowcase dresses to the children at the

                                                nutrition centers. Afternoons play bingo, puzzles and

                                                operate an old fashion fun fair for the children in the orphanage.


Are you handy?                     Building worships (Fall, Spring, and Summer)

                                                Work one on one with the children in the orphanage, teaching

                                                them skills in carpentry, painting, electrical work and other

                                                skilled labor. By mentoring these children, you are teaching

                                                them skills for their future.


Just for teens                         Building Relationships (Spring and Summer)

16-26 yrs old                           Spend mornings with the kids at the nutrition centers jumping

                                                rope, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, etc. Then each afternoon/evening

                                                bonding with kids in the orphanage at NLCH. Beach day,

                                                soccer, softball, and a spa day are just some of the fun for the

                                                week. The trip ends with an unforgettable evening of music and

                                                dancing at the Haitian BBQ with the NCLH kids!


Medical bent?                        Healing bodies/deworming trip (Summer and Winter)

                                                You don’t have to be a doctor for this trip. We administer

                                                deworming medication to approximately 700-1000 kids in and

                                                around the Jacmel area. The evenings are spent with the kids

                                                in the orphanage projecting movies with our home made outdoor

                                                movie theater.


Dental interest?                     Healing teeth/dental trip (Winter)

                                                You don’t have to be a dentist for this trip. Our team will

                                                administer dental work, including cleaning to the kids in the

                                                orphanage (NLCH). An onsite dentist will train you to assist

                                                in the prep, record keeping and the teaching of oral health.

                                                The evenings will be spent with the kids at NLCH projecting

                                                movies on our home made outdoor movie theater.


Artists                                     Fine Arts Workshop (Spring)

                                                Talented artists will develop skills in the area of oil painting,

                                                sculpturing, etc. If you have an interest in crafts or art, you

                                                would be valuable on this trip. You will come along-side

                                                the children of the orphanage (NLCH) for a 3(child) or 1(adult)

                                                ratio to teach them a craft for the purpose of self-sufficiency

                                                in the future. The last night ends with an art show, showcasing       

                                                their artwork.


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