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Welcome to Lamb's. How may we serve you? 


Lamb's Chapel is a flawed but hopeful congregation that exists to help all people take their next step toward Jesus Christ.

All are welcome here. Those who have preceded you through our doors can assure you that regardless of your current circumstances, there is a place at our table for you. No amount of income or lack of it matters here. 


We are all here to take our next best step towards the joyous life God designed for us. For some of us that will be toward a new job or settling into a new community. For others it may be a step away from addiction or an abusive situation. For others still, it is the next step toward a deeper personal relationship with our Creator and discovering how best they can serve in community with others.


We understand that God takes us where we're at and promises not to leave us there! We believe that is Good News indeed.

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